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World Athletic Day 2020

#World Athletics Day is part of the IAAF’s social responsibility project ‘Athletics for a Better World’. In today’s world with increased #obesity rates among youngsters it has become an important matter to bring awareness to people about fitness. Thus, the World Athletics Day is celebrated to make people aware of the various issues concerning #health and promote #physical fitness. World Athletics Day is celebrated in the month of May on any chosen date by IAAF every year. Athletics Federation of India (AFI) is the apex body for running and #managing athletics in India and #affiliated to the IAAF, AAA and Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Vidya Rattan always promote such activities to establish a link between the students, sport, and environmental conservation ! #worldathleticsday2020 #sports #athletics #vidyarattangroup #games #sportsinsangrur #activity #vidyarattangroupinitiative