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Chairman Message

To strive for excellence in the education, research and technology and to enable our students to become responsible citizens of the Country is our motive. It is a truism that destiny of our nation is shaped in the class rooms of educational institutions. With this dream in mind, we sowed a seed in the fertile soil of the luscious landscape of Lehra. We are happy to learn that within a few years the seed has not only sprouted but has also grown into a fully blossomed and healthy tree, the VRG.

The calm and serene atmosphere of the location of the institute is strong motivating factor for young boys and girls to join this institute. We always strive to impart excellent quality education in the fields of technology. The constant endeavor of our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers, supported by equally impressive infrastructure has considerably helped our students in the acquisition and development of appreciable competency.

We invite sincere and committed students who not only dream but who also work hard, to join VRG and become competent professionals. We can assure you that VRG responds proactively to the wider needs of the educational and social environment of our Country. We trust your stay in the institute will be richly rewarding and immensely memorable.

We wish our students all the best.

Cherry Goyal