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Rules & Regulations

1. A student indulging in ragging directly/ indirectly will be expelled from the institute with immediate effect.

2. Use of mobile phones in the Class rooms and Examination centre is strictly prohibited.

3. The student is required to pay fee to the institute from time to time as per the schedule below:
Odd Semester :
5th July of the respective calendar year.
Even Semester : 10th January of the respective calendar year.

4. Late fee fine will be charged from the students who fail to deposit their fee by stipulated date as per institute rules.

5. A student shall be eligible to appear for final examinations if acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects (including workshop training, seminar, project, industrial training etc.)A student who fails to meet the above mentioned attendance requirements will not be eligible to appear in the respective mid semester test.

6. If any student causes damage to the institute property, he/she will be fined three times the value of the damaged property.

7. A student will not use the Transport Facility of institute without paying the requisite fee and valid Bus Pass.